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By Ameenu Aym.

(First published on 20th September,2020).

•The same situation still exists today especially when you add the Labour Party into the mix,and replace the old characters with the new political actors existing today in the field•

The losses suffered by APC is not the fault of Oshiomole but that of APC Fencists and traitors that have pervaded every fibre and structure of the party.

Beginning from 2015, the APC has harboured the largest gang of political traitors, saboteurs and Janus faced politicians that one can ever imagine having in a political party in the whole world …

A vast majority of it’s frontline members especially those holding elected and appointed positions are APC by day and PDP by night politicians.

Their physical presence is in the APC while their spirit and soul lays with the PDP.

The way and manner APC has recently welcomed back frontline traitors to the party especially those that contributed to the loss of states in 2019 is an eloquent testimony to this fact.

Another factor is the absence of a system that promotes a clear cut reward for loyalty and punishment for disloyalty in the party is another factor.

Where you have recently decamped PDP members getting all the consideration for appointed and elective positions to the detriment of hardworking and loyal party members has greatly diminished the party’s worth in the eyes of it’s core membership.

Another factor is the lack of investment in the media by the party.

Over 90% of the defence one reads about on behalf of the party is done by it’s most loyal members who expect no reward and none is offered by the party…

Finally the atmosphere of lawlessness , fake news , inciteful content, hate speech , disinformation and propaganda that the present APC government has allowed to thrive in the polity which goes against existing laws in our statues has greatly eroded the perception and confidence in the government by the populace, and this has rendered whatever successes the APC government has achieved in the areas of it’s social intervention programmes and infrastructural development projects seem unimportant and useless in the sights of a largely undiscerning , easily manipulated, gullible and semi literate electorate !

The very many incidents of such ocurrances that we have witnessed have proven this fact to be true.

The inglorious gang of fifth columnists that have filled all strata of the APC membership are those that helped wrecked APC from within and the results are what we see in the results ganered from electoral contests from 2019 to date.

The neo-democratic creed and credentials flaunted by president Buhari in the political jungle that is the nigerian political landscape populated by the worst set of political wolves who don’t believe in the practice of democracy but are good at mouthing politically correct platitudes has also not helped matters both for the party and the polity.

Oshiomole being the chairman when this losses occured was simply a mere coincidence and has nothing to do with the fact that he contributed to the losses a lot of analysts have cited.

The electoral losses caused by the sabotage of this group of disloyal party members would have been worse had it been another chairman such as Oyegun was still in office as national chairman.

This is because Oyegun being a lackey of the saboteurs (from the days of Saraki) was when the seeds of political bringadage was sowed and this was during his tenure as NC from 2015 until when Oshiomole took over the reins from him.

Oyegun’s conduct, body language and utterances since he left the position of national chairman and his conduct and comments in the recent Edo polls where he openly supported Obaseki against the APC candidate has proven this fact to be true beyond any reasonable doubt.

The true leaders of APC and it’s core membership must start to plan today on how to manage the band of 5th columnists and the hands off position of a neo-democratic Buhari and see how they can use the same dirty tactics dished out by an opposition that plays dirty and has no qualms about trashing the rules of the game and device methods to counter the offensive against our party.

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