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Where is Dadiyata? Need for a Fresh Investigations by Security Agencies

By A.A. Ayama

– December 6, 2022.

Searchlight needs to be beamed on his friends & inner circle….

Is Dadiyata the only critic of the Nigerian government?

99% of Nigerians who later heard of Dadiyata’s alleged abduction never knew he existed until media reports about his abduction or disappearance surfaced.

He was at best a ‘juvenile’ or ‘delinquent’ critic known only to his fellow red capped members of a then PDP aligned fringe and cult like group, whose followers owe allegiance to Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso’s, the Kwankwasiya Group.

This group is primarily a majority Kano founded and based group.

Dadiyata went missing from his Kaduna home which has a distance of about 300km from the Kano headquarters of his group.

They said he was abducted at gunpoint, who witnessed this incidence??

They said he went to attend to visitors outside his home and never returned, who also witnessed this incidence?

His fellow social media bloggers and followers have gone ahead to accuse almost everyone under the sun of being responsible for his alleged disappearance.

Those accused range from security agencies that are statutory responsible for the investigation of his case such as the Nigerian Police and DSS, to his state government – Kaduna State government, and even the far away Kano State governor who is in a political turf battle with the leader of the Kwankwasiya Group.

Note that Dadiyata is from a humble background, and is not an indigene of Kaduna or Kano States, but i read somewhere that his parents are from originally from Katsina state but now resident in Kaduna town where Dadiyata was born and raised some 20+ years ago.

At various times during the period of his disappearance, political office holders namely Govs. El Rufai of Kaduna and Ganduje of Kano State were serially accused by his supporters of being responsible for his disappearance.

One should note that this series of random accusations made against individuals were made by the same set of his so called friends and random SM hounds, and were done based solely on speculations owing to political differences with his political group.

Not a single accusation was backed by a single shred of solid evidence, if there’s any ..I stand to be corrected !

It’s almost as if his so called friends and supporters who make the most noise on SM about his alleged disappearance are attempting to lead the focus of investigations into only one direction in order to deflect the attention of the security agencies from focusing attention on them, I am talking about his close associates both on and off social media.

If not, why should they keep on pointing fingers at the security agencies and some governors as those responsible for his disappearance without facts or basis ?

And despite the stout denial of the agencies and individuals so accused, of having no hand in the matter, this same group have continued to lay the same accusations without a single proof?

For the security agencies, anyone with a minute knowledge of their physce will agree with me and tell you that this investigation started on a bad footing.

Those that blamed the security agencies for Dadiyata’s disappearance from the get-go have unwittingly and effectively killed the zeal of these agencies to give the case the undue interest and focus that it deserves.

As far as this case is concerned, labeling accusations against the security agencies of having a hand in this case, by Dadiyata’s circle of friends, has effectively succeeded in blackmailing and tying the hands of the security agencies behind their back.

How do you expect the security agencies to investigate themselves?

How do you expect them to investigate this matter vigorously due to what they see as an unfair accusation labeled against their agencies ?

Will their accusers ever believe the findings that might be presented in the course of this investigations?

In my opinion, the security agencies should continue with their investigations, but this time around they should focus their search light and attention on his friends and associates on social media, his social and political friends for answers about his disappearance.

The people most stringent in accusing others have stalled all progress into the investigations with their one track minded approach to the investigations.

They have also resisted all appeals to hold their peace and refrain from making wild allegations until the conclusion of investigations.

Henceforth, they are advised to mellow the needless stoking of controversy and allow the investigative agencies to do their job in a professional manner devoid of SM catcalls and baseless accusations against the same bodies conducting the investigations.

One fact that we can all agree to, is that the police and DSS have never shied away from announcing the arrest of a suspect regardless of his stature to his family, and to the public via the media.

Dadiyata as an individual is a new kid on the block and among line up of social or political critics, with almost zero national or international profile to his name at the time of his disappearance to warrant any attention from the security agencies.

In addition, his politics and “known activities” qualifies him as a small fry for the security agencies to arrest, and then conceal information about his arrest.

I have also searched for a motive for his disappearance from the point of view of threats to national or political security of the nation or government, and cannot find any compelling reason, motive or evidence that he posseses any such threat.

Politically, he is what you can call a local boy who’s in his early 20s enjoying the attention, likes, and validation he receives on SM.

He’s a local champion operating in the peripheral sphere of his ‘Kwankwassiya Hood’ and side of the fence.

But his supporters are trying to build him up into a super activist or critic of the government, while in reality and as I have analysed at above, he’s not !

I conducted a search on goggle looking for any article or past activities in relation to the government or politics but found none, save for recent and current stories about his disappearance.

For Gods sake, Dadiyata is no Sowore, or FFK or a Mahdi, not even a Nnamdi Kanu, and all these names are walking free today save for NK, the IPOB and Biafran terrorist leader who is under a court sanctioned detention with the DSS.

Dadiyata is at best a small fish amongst the giant whales in the huge ocean of the media and social media family and line up of anti government critics and activists.

I am referring to those with national appeal and name recognition.

Dadiyata’s popularity only took off after he went missing.

His friends if indeed they are his true friends, should lead and guide his family to re-approach the security agencies and file a fresh report about a missing person in order to unravel the issue about his disappearance.

His friends should in future allow the investigative agencies to conduct their investigation devoid of unnecessary media distractions and fanfare.

Labeling wild and unsubstantiated accusations against individuals or agencies would not help to solve his case, but will instead stall it.

Most importantly, his circle of friends as I’ve suggested earlier should also come under the search lights of any new investigations.

I hope and believe that the above suggestions if adhered to will open a new vista in the investigationsof his disappearance.

©️ Aminu Ayyu Ayama
4th December, 2022.

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