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After lose at the Tribunal, Muktar Yerima of the NNPP Shows Disrespect for the Judiciary..

After lose at the Tribunal, Muktar Yerima of the NNPP Shows Disrespect for the Judiciary.. Lol

A Call For Muktar Yarima To Respect The Law – Bashir Suwaid

By Bashir Suwaid

In a recent landmark decision, the National and State House of Assembly elections petition tribunal in Kano nullified the election of Muktar Yarima, (a member of the Kwankwassiya Group) in the NNPP, for Tarauni Federal Constituency due to certificate forgery.

The tribunal’s ruling upheld the principles of integrity and accountability, ensuring that justice prevailed.

While Yarima has every right to express his dissatisfaction, it is crucial for him to respect the law and seek redress through appropriate channels, because it is disheartening to witness Yarima resorting to baseless accusations and disrespecting the esteemed judiciary.

This piece serves as a call to Muktar Yarima, urging him to show respect for the law and to refrain from further misconduct.

The judiciary, as the guardian of justice and a vital pillar of any democratic society, plays a pivotal role in upholding the rule of law. Just as citizens have the right to approach the courts for justice, they must also respect the decisions made by these judicial bodies. It is unfortunate that Muktar Yarima has chosen to cast aspersions on the integrity of the judges who diligently presided over his case.

Muktar Yarima’s accusation of bias and compromise undermines the integrity of the tribunal and the judiciary as a whole. It is important to note that Yarima himself had the opportunity to present his case and provide evidence in his defense during the trial. Challenging the credibility of respected judges without substantial evidence undermines the credibility of the entire legal system.

In his accusations of bias, Yarima has not only insulted the credibility of the judges but has also undermined the essence of the fair hearing granted to him. The tribunal provided him with ample opportunity to defend himself, allowing witnesses to testify and present evidence related to the allegations against him. However, instead of utilizing this chance to present a strong defense, Yarima resorted to baseless allegations of bribery.

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His claim of not being given a fair hearing contradicts the fact that he participated in the court proceedings and was provided an opportunity to present his defense. For the tribunal to allow Yarima to bring witnesses who could have helped support his claims of innocence, but failed to provide sufficient evidence to challenge the accusations leveled against him, is what gave the tribunal the mandate to decide the case based on the presented evidence, and if Yarima feels aggrieved, seeking recourse through the appellate court is a legitimate avenue for redress.

The ruling of the tribunal was based on the merits of the presented evidence and the established legal framework. Yarima’s claim that the decision was made in bad faith or under political influence is both unfounded and disrespectful to the judiciary. Such allegations carry serious implications and should not be made without concrete evidence.

It is essential for Muktar Yarima to recognize the significance of accepting the ruling of the tribunal. The nullification of his election was not a matter taken lightly but based on evidence of certificate forgery. For the sake of the principles of integrity and accountability, it is crucial for Yarima to respect the rule of law and embrace the outcomes of the ruling.

If Yarima believes there were errors or injustices in the tribunal’s judgment, he has the right to seek redress through the appellate court. This legal avenue allows for a further review of the case, ensuring a fair and unbiased examination by a new panel of judges. However, it is important for Yarima to understand that the appellate court traditionally upholds the decision of the tribunal unless substantial evidence suggests otherwise.

It is crucial for individuals in positions of authority to set a positive example and adhere to the laws of the land. The act of forging documents, as committed by Yarima, is a grave offense and undermines the very essence of democracy. By resorting to baseless accusations after being found guilty of this offense, Yarima diminishes his credibility and respectability.

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In conclusion, Muktar Yarima’s accusations against the judges, who have demonstrated professionalism and impartiality in presiding over his case, are not only baseless but also disrespectful to the judiciary and the rule of law.

It is important for him to understand that by accepting the tribunal’s decision and refraining from further misconduct, he can salvage what remains of his reputation and prioritize the well-being of his family. Upholding the integrity of the judiciary and respecting the law is not only necessary for individuals like Yarima but is crucial for the development and progress of any democratic society.

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Yarima should understand that integrity and accountability are fundamental principles that underpin a thriving democracy. His recent nullification of an election due to certificate forgery by the National & State House of Assembly elections petition tribunal in Kano signifies the commitment to these principles. While Yarima’s frustration is fathomable, he must respect the rule of law, accept the tribunal’s judgment, and pursue further legal avenues if he deems it necessary. It is important for him to bear in mind that the appellate court will likely uphold the tribunal’s decision, saving him time and resources.

Suwaid is SA Media and Publicity to Hon Hafiz Kawu

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