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On Sheik Dahiru Bauchi’s letter to the Supreme Court Over Kano Governorship Judgement

By Our Editor, Abuja.

This acknowledged letter written to the Supreme Court of Nigeria if genuine is unprecedented and an abuse of prestige by a well respected elderly preacher and religious leader.

I pray that the very elderly and well advanced in age Sheik Dahiru Bauchi knows and is aware of the contents and implication of what was written on the piece of paper given to him to append his signature on.

I pray that those around him have not collected the usual “homage” on his behalf and went ahead to exploit the advance age of this revered preacher and deceived him into signing off on this audacious letter.

I sincerely want to believe that at the end of the day, this is not his signature but a clever forgery!

If religious leaders are allowed to intervene at the point of final judgment in our courts, and especially the Supreme Court, what would our temple of justices be turned into at the end of the day?

What is the business of religious leaders in the matters of application of secular doctrines and justice in our law courts ?

This is the kind of danger that follows in a democratic environment when a dangerous and violent fringe movement such as the “Kwankwassiya Cult Movement” is allowed to rise to political power.

A movement whose followers have been brainwashed into believing that their leader can do no wrong, and that whatever does not favour them is also wrong, and must be resisted by all means nessecary which they would not allow to stand is a cancer and a danger to the larger democratic society.

Before this, it was unheard of to hear that a much respected religious leader agreeing to lend his name, honour , prestige and respect by dabbling into such matters.

All laws both secular and religious are codified, well written and documented beforehand and regardless of who such laws maybe applied to in future.

Does it follow that if the Sheik as a well respected Islamic scholar finds himself performing the task and duties of Khadi or Islamic judge, he would end up succumbing to appeals from external and extraneous powers to dump the written and codified authorities of Islamic Sharia law and jurisprudence in order to satisfy the whims and caprices of similar appeals that are suspected to have monetary induced ?

My appeal to the Supreme Court is not to waver in its decision to enforce the law, or allow itself into being railroaded by emotional and religious blackmail by institutions or individuals no matter how highly placed they are in the society.

The Justices must deliver justice to all the concerned parties without fear or favour.

As for this letter, I hope the justices would send it straight into the shredder and equally empty the contents straight into the garbage bin where it belongs.🗑️

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