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Ameenu Aym

Fakhrriyya aka @FakhuusHashim is a Yemeni female origin but Kano-born atheist LGBTQI+ deviant daughter of the late Abdallah Hashim of blessed memory.

She’s an atheidiot, Buhari-hater, Islamophobic and Northern hater pro-max.

She hates the North because Northerners gave her a big push back when she wanted to introduce her #MeToo bullshit western LGBTQI crap into our university campuses and major towns to the point that she was threatened and declared persona non grata in major Northern towns and cities forcing her to flee to the safety of the UK to ply her unfortunate trade !

Her comments and similar comments coming from some fake pseudo Northern patriots like her who seek to project the current sack, appointments and policies of the Tinubu government as anti North.

They all lack the necessary credibility and authority to project their personal.viewpoints as a pan Northern viewpoint, and one they seek to impose on us as Northerners.

The rejection of their vexatious agenda is due to their past antecedents either as anti Northern or anti social activities despite their claim of being Northerners!

Only bitter souls would claim that Northerners are protesting about Tinubu’s appointments or policies..

The questions to ask such bitter souls and toxic characters is:”Which category or group of so called Northerners are protesting against the recent policies of Tinubu?

Tinubu is a northern candidate and the North gave him their mandate to govern the North and Nigeria on its behalf by mounting a stringent campaign for him to emerge as the APC presidential candidate in the primaries, and subsequently voting him into office as president of Nigeria, and in both instances, even against candidates who are from the North.

In view of the foregoing, Tinubu has the complete mandate of the Northern region to govern Nigeria as President.

This includes making appointments and policies for the greater good of our dear country, Nigeria.

Northerners should not allow opposition elements to set them up with a false agenda that seeks to give an impression that northerners are aggrieved due to Tinubu’s decisions or policies …

They want to sell the bogey that Northerners are aggreived because Buhari treated us badly, and that Northerners are not happy because Buhari’s appointments did little to favour the North…

Buhari is not infallible or above making mistakes, but he’s far far better in all moral and ethical indices than those of his critics including that of their parents.

The North must never allow the shrill voices of immoral and toxic minority who are bitter and sore losers from the camp of the OBIdients & PDPians to define who we are as Northerners.

The vast majority of progressive Northerners have already spoken with their votes in the last elections by picking and voting for a candidate in the person of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Northerners should ignore the malicious intent of naysayers who are attempting to set an agenda that seeks to promote enmity between the North and the current administration of Tinubu.

Tinubu is a northern project.

Tinubu is our candidate and our president.

As progressive Northerners,we shall continue to support all the good and progressive policies and programmes of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

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